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There are three Namucis in Puranic literature. The first was a son of Kasyapa and Danu. He was treacherously killed by Indra.
The second and third were valiant captain of Hiranyaksa and both killed in battle by Indra.


Namuci 1

A fierce Raksasa. It is stated in Mahabharata, Adi Parva, Chapter 65, Stanza 22, that this giant was the son of Prajapati Kasyapa by his wife Danu. This fierce giant was killed by Indra. There is a story in the Puranas describing how Namuci was killed.

Under the leadership of #Namuci a great army of the giants invaded the realm of the gods. Indra came with an army of devas. Though the giants were defeated in the battle Indra was not able to kill Namuci. To save himself from the attack of Indra, Narnuci got into the radiance of the Sun and hid himself there. lndra found him out and made a treaty with him, the conditions of which were as said by Indra:-

“Oh, noble giant, I will not kill you by wet thing or dry thing, in the night or in the day. What I say is true.”

According to this treaty it became impossible for Indra to kill Namuci either with wet things or with dry things and either in the day time or in the night. Only when Indra had agreed-to these conditions did Namuci come out.

The battle continued and Indra drove away Sumbha and Nisumbha the elder brothers of Namuci, who went to Patala. Indra ran after Namuci and in the evening Indra found him hiding on the sea shore and killed him with the foam of the sea. As Indra had violated the condition of the treaty the severed head of Namuci followed Indra. With this Indra incurred the sin of Brahmahatya (killing a Brahmin). To get remission from this sin Indra approached Brahma. He was advised to bathe in Arunasangama and doing so Indra got remission of his sin. From that day onwards Arunasangama became a holy bath (tirtha).
(Maha-bharata, Salya Parva, Chapter 40 ).


Namuci 2

An army-captain of Hiranyaksa. In the battle with Indra, Namuci made him unconscious and the elephant Airavata thrust its tusks on the ground. After that by his magic and sorcery he created many creatures. But Visnu destroyed all those creatures with his discus Sudarsana. At last Indra killed Namuci.
(Padma Purana, Srstikhanda).


Namuci 3

Another valiant captain of Hiranyaksa. He sent five arrows against Indra in a fierce battle. But Indra cut all the five arrows in the midway. Then by his magic and sorcery #Namuchi spread darkness everywhere. Indra defeated that strategy also. Then Namuci dashed forward and taking hold of the tusks of Airavata shook Indra down. Indra stood up and cut off the head of Namuci with his sword.
(Padma Purana, Srsti Khanda).

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