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A brother of Iksvaku, who had ten brothers named Nabhaga, Saryati, Dista, Dhrsta, Narisyanta, Nabhaga, Prsadhra, Kavi, Karusa and Vasuman. (Bhagavata, Skandha 8) .


NABHAGA. A brother of Iksvaku. The famous Arnbarisa was Nabhaga’s son. After conquering all the worlds he ruled the kingdom strictly along the path of truth. and righteousness. (Vana Parva, Chapter 25, Verse 12). In. the evening of his life Nabhaga gifted away the whole land to Brabmins. Since she could not leave Nabhaga, Bhumidevi herself assumed physical form and went to him on the occasion. This emperor never consumed meat. He lives in Brahmaloka according to Chapter 115, Anu: asana Parva. (Santi Parva, Chapter 96, Verse 124).

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