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Meaning of the Sanskrit word “tara”


तर # tara affix forming the comparitive degree of adjectives and rarely of substantives [affix – Gramm.] तर tara intensifying their meaning
तर adj. tara carrying across or beyond
तार adj. tAra carrying across
तार adj. tAra shrill a high tone
तार adj. tAra loud or shrill note
तार adj. tAra good
तार adj. tAra protector
तर adj. tara passing over or beyond
तार adj. tAra clean
तार adj. tAra saviour
तर adj. tara saving
तार adj. tAra radiant
तार adj. tAra clear
तार adj. tAra high
तार adj. tAra well flavoured
तार adj. tAra excellent
तर adj. tara surpassing
तर adj. tara road
तर adj. tara conquering
तार adj. tAra shining
तारा f. tArA form of dAkSAyaNI
तारा f. tArA one of the 8 siddhis
तर f. tara ship
तारा f. tArA darling
तारा f. tArA star
तर f. tara boat
तारा f. tArA asterism
तर f. tara club
तारा f. tArA kind of meteor
तारा f. tArA fixed star
तर f. tara for star
तर f. tara hem of a garment
तारा f. tArA kind of perfume
तर m. tara raft
तार m. tAra
तर m. tara ferry
टार m. TAra horse
तर m. tara excelling
तर m. tara fire
तार m. tAra mystical monosyllable
तार m. tAra saving
तार m. tAra clear pearl
तर m. tara passage
तार m. tAra clearness or transparency of a pearl
तार m. tAra sorghum plant [Andropogon bicolor – Bot.] तर m. tara crossroad
टार m. TAra catamite
तार m.n. tAra pupil of eye
तार n. tAra silver
तार n. tAra descent to a river
तार n. tAra star
तार n. tAra bank




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