Malaya, a mountain

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A mountain in South India. The following pieces of information are gathered about this mountain from the Puranas:

(1) The sovereign deity of this mountain attends on Kuvera in Kuvera’s assembly. (Maha-bharata Sabha Parva, Chapter 10, Verse 32)
(2) The Pandya and Cola Kings collected sandal paste essence from the Malaya and Dardura mountains, filled them in golden pots and presented them to Yudhisthira. (Maha-bharata Sabha Parva, Chapter 52, Verse 33) .
(3) The monkeys who went in search of Sita crossed this mountain. (Maha-bharata Vana Parva, Chapter 289, Verse 44),
(4) Malaya is considered as one of the seven chief mountains of India. (Maha-bharata Bhisma Parva, Chapter 9, Verse 11)
(5) Once Mrtyu deity performed tapas on this mountain. (Maha-bharata Drona Parva, Chapter 54, Verse 26) .
(6) In Tripuradahana, Siva used this mountain as the flagstaff of his chariot. (Maha-bharata Drona Parva, Chapter 102, Verse 73).

In Mahabharata there is a description of another #Malaya Mountain besides the Malaya mountain of South India.
When the sage Suka ascended Heaven, he saw a Malaya mountain on the way.
The celestial women, Urvasi and Vipracitti used to dance there daily.
This Malaya is somewhere above Kailasa. (Maha-bharata, Santi Parva, Chapter 332, Verse 21).




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