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A sage, who was a great story teller. Many of the stories found as episodes in the Puranas were told by this sage. Mahabharata gives the following details about him.

(1) Lomasa was very virtuous and longlived. (9loka 18, Chapter 31, Vana Parva).

(2) Once Lomasa entered the court of Indra and spoke to Indra about Arjuna sitting sharing a half of his seat before him. (Sloka 1, Chapter 47, Vana Parva).

(3) Lomasa returned to Kamyakavana from the court of Indra and gave Yudhisthira the messages from Indra and Arjuna. (Sloka 33, Chapter 47; Vana Parva).

(4) He prophesied to Arjuna that he would’ get divine weapons from Siva. (81oka 10, Chapter 91, Vana Parva). (5) Lorna consoled Yudhisthira when he came to the forests in exile leaving all his happy surroundings in the country. (Sloka 17, Chapter 94, Vana Parva).

(S) He told Dharmaputra the story of Agastya. (Chapter 96, Vana Parva).

(7) Lomasa told Dharmaputra the stories of Sri Rama and Parasurama. (Sloka 40, Chapter 99, Vana Parva).

(8) Asuras defeated all the Devas and the latter were perplexed. It was Lomasa who then advised them to make weapons out of the bones of the sage Dadhica. (Chapter 100, Vana Parva).

(9) Lomag a mentioned to the Devas a trick to kill Vrtrasura. (Chapter 101, Vana Parva).

(10) The story of Bhagiratha, the episode of Rsyasrnga etc. were all told by Lomasa. (Chapters 103 to 113, Vana Parva).

( 11) Lomasa told Yudhi sthira the story of the Yaga of King Gaya, the story of the river Payosni, the glory of the mountain of Vaidurya and the river Narmada, and the story of Cyavana the great sage. (Chapter 121, Vana Parva).

(12) He told the Pandavas the story of Mandhata. (Chapter 126, Vana Parva).

(13) Lomasa told Yudhisthira the story of Somaka and Jantu. (Chapter 127, Vana Parva).

(14) He praised the glory of the holy place Yamunatirtha, known as Plaksaprasravana also, near Kuruksetra. Chapter 129, Vana Parva).

(15) It was Lomas a who told the story of the emperor Sibi who gave his own flesh to protect a dove which went to him for refuge. (Chapter 130, Vana Parva).

(16) Lomasa told the story of the sage Astavakra to the Pandavas. (Chapter 133, Vana Parva).

(1 ‘7) He described the story of Yavakrita and Medhavi to the Pandavas. (Chapter 135, Vana Parva).

(18) Dharmaputra heard the stories of Bharadvaja, Raibhya, Arvivasu and Paravasu from Lomasa. (Chapter 137, Vana Parva).

(19) Lomasa told Dharmaputra the story of Narakasura and the incarnation of Visnu as Varaha. (Chapter 142, Vana Parva).

(20) Lomaga visited Bhisma lying on his bed of arrows. (anti Parva).

(21) Lomaga praised the glory of giving rice as charity, (Sloka 10, Chapter 67, Anusasana Parva).

(22) Lomas a was a sage from the north. (Sloka 46, Chapter 165, Vana Parva).

(23) Lomasa relieved many nymphs like Pramohini from their curses. (See under Pramohini).

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