Krishna-Balarama Trees – Raman Reti, Vrrndavana

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#Krishna-Balarama Trees, Raman Reti, Vrrndavana



While staying in Chatikara it is said that Krishna and Balarama would come with the cowherd boys to Raman Reti daily to play.

It is also said that Krishna and Radharani would meet here every night, before going to Vrindavana to enjoy Their pastimes.

This area is located a few km from the main downtown area. The Krishna Balarama Temple is located in Raman Reti.

There are two trees, about a six minute walk from the ISKCON temple, on the parikrama path.

These two interwined trees are white and black.

The black tree is said to represent Krishna and the white tree, Balarama.

They are known as the #Krishna Balarama tree.


How To Get Here
To get to these trees from the Krishna Balarama Temple you first walk over to the parikrama path, which is one road over from the temple, going away from the downtown.
Once on the parikrama path, you walk about four minutes until you come to an open area on your right. The trees will then be on your right.

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