Kesari, Hanuman’s father


Kesari was a forest King who lived in the Maha Meru. While Kesari was living in the Mahameru, Brahma cursed a celestial maid named Managarva and changed her into a female monkey. She became the wife of Kesari, under the name Anjana. For a long time the couple had no children. Anjana worshipped Vayu Bhagavan (Wind-God) for a child.

Once during this period the gods and hermits went to Parama Siva and requested him to beget a son to help Mahavisnu who was about to incarnate as Sri Rama to kill Ravana. Siva and Parvati instantly took the form of monkeys and entered the forest for play. They having not returned for a long time the gods asked the wind-god to go in search of them. The wind god carne in the form of a great storm and shook the whole of the forest. Still they did not come out. Parvati who was pregnant was ashamed to come out. With Siva she got on an Asoka tree and sat there. Seeing that tree alone standing motionless in the big storm Vayu god approached the tree and looked up. Siva and Parvati appeared before Vayu. Parvati refused to take the foetus in the form of monkey to Kailasa.

As Siva had instructed, Parvati gave the child in the womb to the wind-god. It was at this time that Anjana had prayed to Vayu for a child. Vayu gave that child to Anjana, who gave birth to it. That child was Hanuman. Thus Hanuman got the names, Anjanaputra (son of Anjana), Vayuputra (son of Vayu), Kesariputra (Son of Kesari) etc.

(Maha-bharata Vana Parva, Chapter 417 )



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