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One thing that is very important is to keep an inventory of your advancement in remembering Kisora Kisori. How much of the day is tangible, true awareness of remembering Radha Giridhari? Take a diary and log your day of remembering. Start with Mangala Arati. Mangala Arati is at the end of the Divine Couple’s day, called Nisanta Lila, a part of the Asta–kaliya-lila.


These 8 divisions of the 24 hour day are dissected into 24 minute segments, called dandas. Consequently there are 60 dandas. This is divided into two parts; daytime pastimes and nighttime pastimes. By reading these transcendental literatures, we will be able to apply these pastimes into our mind and heart throughout the day.

You log in your diary your thoughts of Radha Radhakanta during Mangala Arati; Ok, that’s 20 minutes. Then the Jaya Dhvani and then the Narasimha prayers, another 5 minutes.


Next is Tulasi Puja.

The mantras that are chanted is a beautiful prayer petitoning Her to engage you in the Nitya lilas as one of Her maidservants.” (1)


O Tulasi, beloved of Krishna, I bow down before you again and again. My desire is to obtain the service of Sri, Sri Radha and Krishna (2)


Whoever takes shelter of you has his wishes fulfilled. Bestowing your mercy upon him, you make him a resident of Vrindavana. (3)


My desire is that you will also grant me a residence in the pleasure groves of Sri Vrindavana-dhama. Thus, within my vision I will always behold the beautiful pastimes of Radha and Krishna. (4)


I beg you to make me a follower of the cowherd damsels of Vraja. Please give the privilege of devotional service and make me your own maidservant. (5)


This very fallen and lowly servant of Krishna prays, “May I always swim in the love of Sri Sri Radha and Govinda.”


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