Jagannatha Puri and the snake

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From the train station we take a Riksha (carriage pulled by a man on a bicycle) and reach the center, near the Temple of Sri Jagannatha, to the house of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta, where there are accommodation for pilgrims. We had a lot of luggage, we were moving from Vrindavan; getting on the train I had risked losing it, precisely because of the baggage.

Vrindavan has a severe climate that is terribly hot in spring, excessively rainy in summer, and it is also cold in winter. We had been told about the wonderful climate of Puri and we were thinking of settling there.

We don’t even go in, but as soon as we get off Riksha, Manonatha Prabhu ’exclaims” We’re going back to Vrindavana “

What happened !!?

Jagannatha Puri has a very different culture from Vrindavana, despite being the land of Mr. Caitania, who did not look at the caste, the origin of a devotee, but his actual devotion to attachment to Sri Krishna; the general mentality considers them to be inferior non-Hindus, and they are forbidden to enter the Temple of Mr. Jagannatha.

It had happened that local Indians while we were descending from Riksha, threw uninviting glances, with an aggressive attitude, on the contrary in Vrindavana the local Indians, maybe they are noisy and intrusive, but when they see you they are jovial and exclaim the famous “Radhe Radhe” .

I was exhausted and wanted to stay, I complained a little and asked Prabhu ’to stop us at least for a while.

We stop in those lodgings for a few days and then we rent a small house in the direction of the sea from which the sound of the waves could be heard … ..

Keep on………


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