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ind. (fr. pronominal base 3. %{i}) , like , in the same manner as (in this sense = %{yathA} , and used correlatively to %{tathA}) ; as it were , as if (e.g. %{pathe7va} , as if on a path) ; in a certain manner , in some measure , a little , perhaps (in qualification or mitigation of a strong assertion) ; nearly , almost , about (e.g. %{muhUrtam@iva} , almost an hour) ; so , just so , just , exactly , indeed , very (especially after words which involve some restriction e.g. %{ISad@iva} , just a little ; %{kiMcid@iva} , just a little bit: and after a negation e.g. %{na@cirAd@iva} , very soon). %{iva} is connected vaguely , and somewhat pleonastically , with an interrogative pronoun or adverb (e.g. %{kim@iva} , what? %{katham@iva} , how could that possibly be? %{kve7va} , where , I should like to know?). In the Pada texts of the R2ig , Yajur , and Atharva-veda , and by native grammarians , %{iva} is considered to be enclitic , and therefore compounded with the word after which it stands RV. AV. &c. &c.









इव           iva     like   

इव  indecl.        iva     in a certain manner     

इवर्ण        m.     ivarNa        gamma       [greek letter]     

ईवर्ण        m.     IvarNa        delta [greek letter]     

स्व इवाचरति        sent. sva ivAcarati       He acts like himself or his kindred

किञ्चित् ज्वरः इव sent. kiJcit jvaraH iva  Feel a little feverish… 

सः वृद्धः इव भाति sent. saH vRddhaH iva bhAti He looks aged.   

मम शिरः भ्रमति इव        sent. mama ziraH bhramati iva      I feel giddy.       

तथापि नूतनं इव प्रतिभाति sent. tathApi nUtanaM iva pratibhAti      Still it appears to be new.    

शाटिकया सा प्रौढा इव दृश्यते       sent. zATikayA sA prauDhA iva dRzyate This saree makes her look like a grown-up.        

भवत्याः गृहं कश्चिद् आगत इव    sent. bhavatyAH gRhaM kazcid Agata iva        It seems someone has come to your house.       

अवर्ण-कोशाधु, ( आवर्ण, इवर्ण)   n.      avarNa-kozAdhu, ( AvarNa, ivarNa)        alpha-cellulose   

सा पित्तलस्थालिका सुवर्णस्थालिका इव अदृश्यत |         sent. sA pittalasthAlikA suvarNasthAlikA iva adRzyata |    That brass plate looked like a golden plate.   

सा नीला पक्षिणी पूर्वदृष्टा पक्षिणी इव एव अदृश्यत |      sent. sA nIlA pakSiNI pUrvadRSTA pakSiNI iva eva adRzyata |         That blue bird looked just like the bird seen earlier.

इव  adverb       iva     than  [comparison]     

इव  encl. part   iva     almost       

इव  encl. part   iva     as     

इव  ind.   iva     about

इव  ind.   iva     indeed       

इव  ind.   iva     in some measure

इव  ind.   iva     so     

इव  ind.   iva     very 

इव  ind.   iva     a little       

इव  ind.   iva     just so       

इव  ind.   iva     perhaps     

इव  ind.   iva     just  

इव  ind.   iva     nearly       

इव  ind.   iva     exactly      

इव  indecl.        iva     as if  

इव  indecl.        iva     in the same manner as

ईवत्         adj.   Ivat   so magnificent   

ईवत्         adj.   Ivat   so much    

ईवत्         adj.   Ivat   going

ईवत्         adj.   Ivat   so large     

ईवत्         adj.   Ivat   moving      

ईवत्         adj.   Ivat   so stately  

इवर्ण        m.     ivarNa        letter or sound i 

जनसङ्कुल encl. part   janasaGkula        as it were  

भीतभीत इव         adj.   bhItabhIta iva     somewhat afraid





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