It is My Duty to My Father

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It is My Duty to My Father… (why I tap the keys)






This is my only service at this point in life… to be a fighter for my eternal master, father and friend. He is everything to me… my only purpose of life. He created this wonderful house for the whole world to live in, but the all inclusive welcome mat no longer has the welcome message on it, unless you have money or influence. Do not my godbrothers and sisters remember the warmth, love and charm that pervaded our little temples? That warmth and love was the phenomena of Srila Prabhupada’s pure love for Krishna and the jivas… all jivas.


Do I not have the full rights of a son to live for and protect the all inclusive principles of bhakti that my father put forth? Is it not my birthright position, and service to humanity to bring to light the path that he so brilliantly and compassionately illuminated? It is not within me to ignore the obvious. It is not within me to let something so perfect and powerful slide into mediocrity. I love the International Society for Krishna Consciousness… I cannot be silent. It is my loving duty to my eternal master to try and restore that which is getting lost because of the impurities brought in by aggressive fruitive agendas, and the many branched worship of personalities other than Radha and Krishna. The impurities of personal yearnings for profit… adoration and… distinction. “Just look at me and my Facebook bhakti.” Pathetic.


What happened to pure selfless service to Krishna and humanity? What has replaced real humility with lip service humility? Has brash arrogance become accepted as the truthful path? Lalita, Radha’s dearmost friend, says this in Krishna’s pastimes… speaking to her friends… “In Kali yuga, audacity will be accepted as truth”. Isn’t that amazing. It behooves us to pay attention to those special young girls of Vraja. The more outrageously confident you can act (even if you possess no real truth), the greater your chances of becoming a spiritual leader. A little charisma and audaciousness can go a long way… even if you are completely unqualified. Why? Because people have given up the effort (apathy), (next essay), of checking the individual against Guru, Sadhu, Shastra.. Even the so-called brahmins are bewildered…


My father was and is the most perfect of personalities… he’s given a gift that is comparable only to Krishna Himself. To see his efforts become dumbed down, washed out, blended in, is just too painful. It behooves, and is the duty of each and every soul to reach deep into the true understandings of his books. This is not easy, for anyone who reads will most likely only get the understanding up to the point of their own sukriti… and stumble. That’s why finding beneficial association is so important. Sri Guru is one… and that one is truth eternal… the truth coming from Guru’s lips, the truth coming from the pens of the acaryas, and confirmed with the fixed truths in the shastras.


I will fight to keep this boat afloat with every tap of the keyboard, every day, every month, every year, until the fingers become useless. This is my vow, this is my pleasure, this is what he would expect. He was only one… accepted his mission, never complained, kept true to his master, carried the loving burden to each and every undeserving person in the world… sacrificed everything. Should not this be our life too?


So look for much more coming from this keyboard… and be on the watch for the “Essence Drinker” — a beautiful color magazine dedicated to understanding the essence of spiritual truth. A dedication to all the previous essence drinkers who lived and died for Guru, Sadhu and Shastra.


May I have stirred your thoughts once more… HariNam Prabhu ki jaya… your servant because of his mercy… Gadidas


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