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Hare Krishna, dear friends and devotees,

We kindly invite you to join our WhatsApp group in English, to enjoy a daily sweet Krishna Katha.


The rules of behavior are simple but important:

This is a thematic group dedicated to the teachings of Manonatha Prabhu, a direct disciple of Sri A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

It is not a generic group where everyone says everything.

Every day we articles about Krishna consciousness or news about the places where he preaches are published.

Members are invited to ask philosophy questions and provide information about places that Manonatha Prabhu visits or has visited in the past, such as the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, San Antonio (Texas), Cuba, Costa Rica, and others.

We do not accept political issues or quarrels of any kind.

To avoid being suspended, Vaisnava behavior is recommended.


And now join the WhatsApp group. Click here, and welcome!



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Happy to join the group. Harey Krishna