Installation of six deities in Kheturi

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In 1613 Sri Narottama Dasa Thakura organized the installation festival of six deities in Kheturi with great pomp. Many Vaisnavas from Gauda Mandala, Nilacala, Vraja Mandala and other parts of India took part. Syamananda Prabhu and Rasikananda Prabhu were present with many disciples.

After the festival, Syamananda Prabhu left for Dharenda via Budhani, whereas Rasikananda returned to Rohini, where he came to know that his father, Acyutananda Deva, had left this world and his (Rasikananda’s) brothers were fighting fiercely over the property and wealth left by him. Rasikananda’s brothers and their wives were openly against his Vaisnava way of life and they all confronted him.


This is a section of the book “Syamananda, the Joy of Radharani (English)”.

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