Index of the Kurma Purana

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CHAPTER 1 Beatitude of Indradyumna
CHAPTER 2 Description of Vamas and As’ramas
CHAPTER 3 Chronology of As’ramas
CHAPTER 4 Description of Prakrta-Sarga
CHAPTER 5 Details of numbers of Kalas
CHAPTER 6 Recovery of Earth from Water
CHAPTER 7 Description of Sarga or Creation
CHAPTER 8 Description of the Prominent Sargas
CHAPTER 9 The Emergence of Brahma
CHAPTER 10 Description of Rudra’s Creation
CHAPTER 11 Incarnation of the Goddess
CHAPTER 12 Glory of the Goddess
CHAPTER 13 Genealogy of the daughter of Daksa
CHAPTER 14 Progeny of Svayambhuva Manu
CHAPTER 15 Destruction of Daksa’s Sacrifice
CHAPTER 16 Progeny of Daksa’s Daughters
CHAPTER 17 Progeny of Daksa’s Daughters
CHAPTER 18 Description of the race of Kasyapa
CHAPTER-19 Description of the dynasty of Rsis
CHAPTER 20 Description of Royal Dynasty
CHAPTER 21 Description of Iksvaku Dynasty
CHAPTER 22 Description of Lunar Dynasty
CHAPTER 23 Description of Jayadhvaja Dynasty
CHAPTER 24 Description of the glory of Yadu Vamsa
CHAPTER 25 Glory of Krsna and Yaduvams’a
CHAPTER 26 Performing of penances by Krsna
CHAPTER 27 Departure of Krsna to his abode
CHAPTER 28 Partha’s Encounter with Vyasa
CHAPTER 29 Description of Yugadharma
CHAPTER 30 Discussion between Arjuna and Vyasa on Yugadharma
CHAPTER 31 The Glory of Varanasi
CHAPTER 32 The Glory of Varanasi
CHAPTER 33 The Glory of Varanasi
CHAPTER 34 The Glory of Varanasi
CHAPTER 35 The Glory of Varanasi
CHAPTER 36 The Glory of Prayaga
CHAPTER 37 Glory of Prayaga
CHAPTER 38 The Glory of Prayaga
CHAPTER 39 The Glory of Prayaga
CHAPTER 40 The dynasties of the kings
CHAPTER 41 Distribution of Globe
CHAPTER 42 Distribution of Lokas
CHAPTER 43 Movement of the Planets
CHAPTER 44 Detail of the universe
CHAPTER 45 The Description of Mountains
CHAPTER 46 The Abode of Guardians of the World
CHAPTER 47 Division of the Earth
CHAPTER 48 Description of Jambudvipa
CHAPTER 49 Description of Plaksadvipa
CHAPTER 50 Description of Puskaradvipa 222
CHAPTER 51 Glory of Visnu in the Manvantaras
CHAPTER 52 Distribution of the sakhas (branches) of the Vedas
CHAPTER 53 Incarnations of Siva

CHAPTER 1 Isvara-Gita
CHAPTER 2 Isvara-Gita
CHAPTER 3 Isvara-Gita (Prakrti and Purusa)
CHAPTER 4 Isvara-Gita (Glory of Siva)
CHAPTERS Isvara-Gita (Siva’s Dance)
CHAPTER 6 Isvara-Gita
CHAPTER 7 Isvara-Gita
CHAPTER 8 Isvara-Gita
CHAPTER 9 Isvara-Gita
CHAPTER 10 Isvara-Gita
CHAPTER 11 Isvara-Gita
CHAPTER 12 Vyasa-gita
CHAPTER 13 Sipping of water and Karmayoga
CHAPTER 14 Duties of the Brahmacarin disciple
CHAPTER 15 Duties of householders
CHAPTER 16 Duties of a householder
CHAPTER 17 The articles fit for consumption or otherwise
CHAPTER 18 Daily performance of the Brahmanas
CHAPTER 19 Routine of the Brahmanas and their food
CHAPTER 20 Sraddha-kalpa
CHAPTER 21 Sraddha-kalpa
CHAPTER 22 Sraddha-kalpa
CHAPTER 23 Views on impurity
CHAPTER 24 Performance of homa by Dvijas 333
CHAPTER 25 Means of livelihood of a Brahmana
CHAPTER 26 Giving away of charities
CHAPTER 27 Duties of a Vanaprastha (or the third stage of the life)
CHAPTER 28 Duties of Recluse
CHAPTER 29 Duties of an ascetic
CHAPTER 30 Method of expiation
CHAPTER 31 Glory of Kapalamocana tirtha 353
CHAPTER 32 Rules for repentance
CHAPTER 33 Rules for repentance
CHAPTER 34 Rules for repentance
CHAPTER 35 About the holy places
CHAPTER 36 Description of holy places
CHAPTER 37 Description of the holy places
CHAPTER 38 Entry in the Daruvana
CHAPTER 39 Entry in the forest of Devadaru
CHAPTER 40 Glory of the river Narmada
CHAPTER 41 Glory of the Narmada river
CHAPTER 42 Description of holy places on the bank
CHAPTER 43 The glory of the tirthas of Narmada river
CHAPTER 44 Glory of the holy places
CHAPTER 45 Dissolution of the world
CHAPTER 46 Description of dissolution and subsidiary creation
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