In Krsnaloka are there asses?

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Srila Prabhupada says that He ”never saw ‘asses [donkey’s] or goats’ in Krsna-Loka”…..
Kurusrestha: In Krsnaloka are there asses?
Prabhupada: Yes, maybe. But they are not these asses.The cowherds boys, they are keeping only cows. I never saw any ass or goat.
Satsvarupa: They killed all those asses. They killed Dhenukasura
Prabhupada: Yes. There were asses, yes. They killed. But they were asuras, of course. That means asses are there.
Satsvarupa: Srila Prabhupada, I thought you said that the demons are not in Krsnaloka. That’s just in Gokula, when Krsna comes here.
#Prabhupada: Yes. Krsna wants to enjoy to kill the demons. In the Krsnaloka there is no demons. He doesn’t get that opportunity. Therefore He comes down to enjoy killing. Just like hunter, by killing, enjoys, so Krsna enjoys by killing the demons
>>> Ref. VedaBase => Morning Walk — June 29, 1975, Denver

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