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In conclusion, a brief re-cap and additional suggestions to embellish this wonderful adventure Home.


First. To make a firm decision with prayer and humble surrender asking, nay, begging with all your heart to thoroughly and perpetually from now on to stay on purpose in reaching the goal


Second. That the prayers are to increase and are honest and sincere with no self concern


Third. To adjust the priorities of what’s important and to keep the Prayojana at the front of the mind, on a daily basis.


Fourth. To be aware of those things that take you away from this single-pointed drive to please Sri Radha Krishna Yugala, like an artificial humility whereby self condemnation becomes the flip-side of self angrandizement. Being aware when you are not on purpose.


A very, very good way to stay protected, is to say something to all those that you have eye contact with. From a simple

‘Hare Krishna”,


“Krishna is blue like a blue sapphire”,


“Krishna lifted Govardhana Hill”,

etc, etc, etc, to a more elaborate story, depending on time, place and circumstances.


Fifth. To reveal all your dirty laundry verbally in private to Thakurji, No hiding any thing. This may take some time, as you may have put those really horrible things into the deep recesses of your brain and it will take some digging to root them out. This will not be much fun as you may recall the pain that went with the experience.


Sixth. Make a concentrated effort not to look at the opposite sex or that form which will test Maya. The newspapers, the old buddies who lure you into talks of the mundane experiences of the past; remembering “The Good Ol’ Days”.


This is what keeps us from advancing at all. Remember, these bodies are a source of bewilderment, pain embarrassment, misery, deceit and disappointment. That girl (boy, if that’s the case), is a closed gate for entering into a Transcendental relationship with your journey’s end. When you see a pretty bag of stool, you should know that the prettier the face, the uglier the heart. Besides, you won’t get that person any way and it will agitate your calming peaceful mind, which has taken a lot of effort to attain. Once Sri Sri Hara Hari begin to take away the dirty things of the heart, including this mundane sex desire, you will be experiencing a developing higher taste, or at least a great hope for that taste in the future, so you have to stay on purpose at all costs!


I hope this humble and sincere attempt to help those who really want to finalize this Samsara world of avoidance and excuses and who want to meet their best Friends will benefit from this work of love and devotion delivered with care and compassion.



I know there is alot of faults to be found in this fool. And those who are fond of faultfinding can have a festival with this faulty insignificant disciple of Srila Prabhupada. My only quality that can be found is that I’ve taken the mercy of Patita Pavana Gurudeva and the Rasika Manjari Guru line. Patita Pavan Sri Sri Gaura Nitai who came to pick up most fallen first. Patita Pavan Sri Vrinda Devi and Patita Pavana Priyaji and Her Priyatam!


One thing that’s vital to remember, is that the only sure thing in this world is our death. It’s not about having a nice life; it’s having a nice death!


Following in the footsteps of my beloved Guru Maharaja, may you have a great adventure Back to Home, back to Goloka Nikunja!

Nikunja me viraje Ghanasyama Radhe Radhe!


Your ever Well-wisher!

Radha Kunda Dasa,


This is a section of the book “For Their Pleasure”.

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