How many types of society are there? Can the living entities ever remain outside society?

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Some people think that social people cannot be called Vaisnavas. This is a misconception. Actually, society is divided into three, namely, the society of materialists, the society of liberationists, and the society of liberated souls. People can never become unsocialized; they are by nature social. Even when people are free from matter, it is inevitable that they will develop a pure society of devotees. Therefore, whether a person lives in the forest, at home, or in Vaikuntha, he will always be a social creature. The difference between Vaisnavas and ordinary people is that Vaisnavas live in Vaisnava society and ordinary people live in ordinary society. In conclusion, there is no difference between Vaisnava religion and Vaisnava society.
(Sajjana Tosani 2/7)


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