How can the friendship between Englishmen and Indians remain intact?

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Friendship between Englishmen and Indians is natural. The English are Aryans and the Indians are Aryans. Therefore, relationship between them is brotherly. Where is that natural brotherly affection? Because the Englishmen have become our rulers, why should the natural propensity between us be lost? Actually, the Indians are elder brothers to the younger Englishmen. When the younger brother matures and becomes competent, taking over the family responsibilities, the elder brother has usually become old and therefore weak. Therefore, he lovingly accepts his subordination at the hands of his younger brother. What is wrong with that? When we were young, we also displayed authority over other castes. Now due to old age, we are incapable. Therefore, what could be more pleasing than to spend our lives under the care of our younger brothers? What could be more fortunate than blessing our younger brothers and constantly relishing the nectar from the ever-blissful lotus feet of Hari? The younger brothers will always protect us from all disturbances. We no longer have to undergo miseries on the battlefield. We will sit at home and chant Hari’s holy names. If while working hard for the family the younger brothers sometimes become dissatisfied and express anger, then we as elder brothers will tolerate them and make them happy again by our sweet words and affectionate dealings. In this way, we will command their respect. We will not fail to commit monetary help to the best of our ability to our younger brothers if they ever require such help in the course of fulfilling their family duties. We will follow the same procedure for showing affection a well-to-do pious householder would show to his younger brother. We will never display opposition. O my nationalistic brothers! This is my advice to you. Please act in this way.
(Sajjana Tosani 2/5)



by #Bhaktivinoda Thakura


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