Homemade yogurt – “vegetarian and vegan version”

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Yogurt is an indispensable ingredient in vegetarian cuisine, it is nutritious, tasty and easy to digest.

It is a source of calcium, protein, fat, carbohydrates, phosphorus, vitamin A, B vitamins, and vitamin D. The lactic acid content of yogurt aids in the digestion of calcium. Yogurt stimulates the growth of “friendly” bacteria in the intestines that help destroy harmful strains. And yogurt quickly assimilates into the body.

Freshly made at home, it contains more live and active cultures, it is healthier !!

Yogurt is made by adding a small amount of “starter” (which can be pre-made homemade yogurt or commercial plain yogurt)

Take care that it does not contain gelatin, starches, but only milk and active cultures.

after a few hours, the live bacteria in the starter will transform the milk into yogurt, which can then be refrigerated.

Yogurt is required in many recipes.


Boil a liter of whole milk; After a short time, when placing the corner of the little finger no longer burns,
It should still be hot enough, so it will develop well, but not too much, so that lactic ferments are not damaged.

add the “starter” (3- 4 tablespoons)

• PREPARATION TIME: 20 minutes

• CONFIGURATION TIME: 4 – 10 hours (depending on the external temperature)



You can put the hot milk with the starter in sterilized glass jars, or simply leave it in the boiling pot.


No Equipment Needed!


You can wrap it with a woolen cloth if the weather is cold, and leave it all night.

Cover with a lid but do not close tightly while the Yogurt is being made. When ready, it can be closed normally and put in the fridge.


Vegan yogurt

You can also use Vegan Yogurt, with the same procedure, the best result is with soy milk, but as a starter you can use a commercial glass of yogurt also from other vegetable milk, the important thing is that the ferments are alive and do not have gelatin ….






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