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Heart to Heart




Jun 12, 2016 — UK (SUN) —


I was listening to a morning walk dated December 2, 1973. Svarup Damodar asked Srila Prabhupada about the soul in the heart, and if the heart is removed what happens to the soul and if there is a change? Prabhupada replied with, ‘Why changed? Suppose if I sit from this chair to this chair, why I am changed? I can change my seat. It does not mean that I am changed.’


Further into the discussion, Karandhara das made an untrue statement concerning the first heart transplant on a Dr. Wyberg from South Africa: “He was the first successful heart transplant. So as soon as he got out of the hospital he started drinking and having sex life. (laughter) He was saying, “How wonderful science is. It can prolong my enjoyment.” Then he died about a year later from too much…”


Actually I remember seeing the plaque referring to Dr. Chris Barnard’s achievement in the Groote Schuur hospital in South Africa in the late seventies, when this amazing feat had been performed. The man’s name was not Dr. Wyberg (according to my extensive research, this person doesn’t exist under this heading. ) It was, in fact, a Mr .Louise Washansky, who was a 54-year-old grocer suffering from Diabetes and incurable heart disease. He died 18 days later from pneumonia and there was no comment made about “How wonderful science is. It can prolong my enjoyment.” My question is, where did Karandhara get this false information and pass it on to his spiritual master?


Even though this is over 40 years ago, the propensity to lie or embellish to make a point or a story still goes on.




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