Gangamata Gosvamini

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#Gangamata Gosvamini

From her childhood Princess Sachi devi, the daughter of King Naresh Narayana of Bengal, showed unalloyed devotion to Lord Sri Krishna. She even refused to marry on account of her genuine attachment to Krishna. After her father’s demise she ruled the kingdom. But she soon renounced it to find a bona fide spiritual master. Princess Sachi devi met Shri Haridasa Pandit, a leading guru in Vrindavana, and began performing devout bhajana to Govindaji. Although she became frail from undereating, she would always sleep on the Yamuna’s sandy bank, and rise before sunrise to clean Govindaji’s Temple. Daily she would hear Bhagavata-katha, see Govindaji’s arotika, circumambulate Radha-Shyamasundara’s lila sthanas (pastime places) such as Vamishivata, Seva Kunja, Nidhu vana, Rasa Sthali.Receiving encouragement from Shri Haridasa Pandit, Sachi devi completely dropped her false ego, put on rags, and went house-to-house in Vraja begging alms. The Vrajavasis were astonished by her severe renunciation. Taking her guru’s suggestion, she went to Radha-Kunda to associate with Shri Lakshmipriya devi dasi, a dear disciple of Shri Haridasa.
Following Thakura Haridasa’s perfect example, Lakshmipriya devi daily chanted 3,00,000 names (192 rounds) of Krishna. Everyday the two ladies would circumambulate Govardhana Hill and worship Krishna.

On her guru’s order, Sachi devi went to the home of Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya in Jagannatha Puri. Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya and most of Lord Gauranga-sundara’s eternal associates had already returned to Goloka Vrindavana. Sachi devi restored Sarvabhauma’s house, and established first-class worship of Shri Shyama Raya, a Deity given to her by a Jaipur brahmana. Everyday she lectured on Shrimad Bhagavatam. Her classes became popular attracting eager listeners from miles around. Many people, including brahmanas and King Mukunda Deva, took initiation from Sachi devi.

“On the day of Ganga Sagara Mela, Sachi devi, who was residing in Jagannatha Puri, desired to bathe in the Ganges. That night the Ganges flowed from the lotus feet of Lord Jagannatha and came to Sachi’s ashrama. Entering Ganga Devi’s waters, Sachi floated to the lotus feet of Jagannatha Swami inside the Temple. After unlocking the doors the next morning the pujaris were surprised to find her inside the Temple. Thinking she was a thief, they immeditately put Sachi devi in jail. Seeing this mistake, Lord Jagannatha appeared simultaneously in a dream to both the Puri King and the head pujari. The Lord ordered them to release Sachi devi dasi and take initiation from her. From then on she became famous as Gangamata Gosvamini.”



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