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A stretch of land of ancient Bharata. It is believed that this land stretched from the shores of river Sindhu to Kabul.

#Subala was a mighty ruler of this country. His daughter Gandhari was the wife of Dhritarastra.

(Sloka 11, Chapter 111, Adi Parva) .

Agni Purana points out a relationship between the Gandharas and the Dravidas.

Descending in order from Visnu were Candra, Budha, Pururava, Ayus, Nahusa, Yayati, Turvasu.

In order from Turvasu were Varga, Gobhanu, Traisani, Karandhama, Marutta, Dusyanta, Varutha, Gandira, Gandhara.

From Gandhara arose the five different provincialists: Gandharas, Keralas, Colas, Pandyas and Kolas.

(Agni Purana, Chapter 277)



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