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A serpent born to Kasyapa of his wife Kadru.

This serpent was very intelligent. Once there arose a dispute between Vinata and Kadru over the colour of the tail of the horse of Indra, Uccaihsravas. Kadru argued that there were black hairs in the tail while Vinata held there were none. Really there were no black hairs and Kadrtz to win the argument wanted her sons to go and hang on the hairs to create a black colour. The serpents like Vasuki and others refused to do so and Kadru then cursed them saying that they would all be burnt to death at the Sarpasatra of Janamejaya. To take measures to get free from this curse a meeting of the serpents under the leadership of Sesa and Vasuki was held and in that assembly #Elaputra made a stirring speech.
(Chapter 38, Adi Parva, M.B.)


Some call him Elaputra, but in the Maha-bharata the name is Elapatra.



#Elapatra.   #Elaputra

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