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Anukramanika Parva. 1-22
Sauti’s arrival at the forest of Naimisha; The desire of the Rishis to hear the Mahabharata: Invocation to Isana; The order of creation; Vyasa’s desire to publish the Bharata; The Grandsire comes to him; Ganesha undertakes to write to Bharata; Sauti’s praise of the Bharata; Dhritarastra’s lamentations; Sanjaya’s consolations to Dhritarastra; Sauti eulogies on the study of the Bharata.

Sangraha Parva. 22-46
The History of Samantapanchaka; Explanation of terms indicating the divisions of an army Summary of the contents of the Eighteen main Parvas.

Paushya Parva. 46-62
Curse on Janamejaya; Measures adopted by him to evade it; Story of the sage Dhaumya; Story of Aruni; Story of Upamanyu; Story of Veda: Story of Uttanka; Story of Paushya; Uttanka’s arrival at Janamejaya’s court; His incitement of Janamejaya against Takshaka.

Pauloma Parva. 62-74
The Rishi wait for Saunaka; Genealogy of the Bhargava race; Story of Puloma; Story of the birth of Chyavana; Bhrigu’s curse on Agni; Hymn to Agni by Brahma; History of Ruru; Story of Dundubha.

Astika Parva. 75-163
Story of Jaratkaru; Birth of Astika; History of Kadru and Vinata; Churning of the Ocean; The wager between Kadru and Vinata; Kadru’s curse on the snakes; Kadru and Vinata to go see Uchaisrava and see the Ocean; Birth of Garuda and Hymn to Garuda; Wrath of the sun, and the appointment of Aruna as his charioteer; Hymn to Indra by Kadru; Garuda’s inquiry as to the cause of his bondage; Garuda devises means to bring the Amrita; Kashyapa and Garuda; Story of the Elephant and the Tortoise; Bad omens are seen by the gods and their preparations for battle; takes away the Amrita; Garuda and Vishnu; The mutual grant of boons: Conversation of Indra with Garuda and Garuda’s obtaining the name of Supama; Indra steals the Amrita from the snakes; The cleaving of their tongues; Enumeration of the names of the chief serpents; Asceticisn of Shesha; Shesha obtains boons from Brahma; Consultation of the snakes on the subject of their mother’s curse; The snakes bring up Jaratkaru; Parikshit’s hunt; The curse of Parikshit; Conversation between Sringi and Samika; Despatch by Samika of a disciple to Parikshit; Speech of Gaurmukha in the court of Parikshit; Parikshit takes counsel of his ministers; Conference of Kashyapa and Takshaka; Kashyapa desists on receiving money from Takshaka from going to Parikskit’s court; Death of the king in consequence of Takshaka’s bite; Installation of Janamejaya as king; History of Jaratkaru and his marriage; Birth of Astika; Janamejaya’s vow to celebrate the snake sacrifice; Preparations for the sacrifice; Falling of the snakes into the sacrificial fire; Astika’s arrival at the sacrifice; Stopping of the sacrifice.

Ansavatarana Parva. 163-185
Short history of the Pandava and Kuru princes; Story of king Uparichara; Description of the Indradhwaja festival; Origin of Girika and the king’s marriage with her; Story of Satyavati; The meeting of Parasara with Satyavati; Birth of Dwaipayana; History of Animandavya; Histories of Kama, Vasudeva Satyaki Kritavarman, etc; The revival of the Kshatriya order of the Brahmans; the over-burdened Earth goes of Brahma; The gods are enjoined to be incarnate.

Sambhava Parva. 185-418
Brief account of the origin of gods and all creatures on Earth; Birth of Bhrigu, and the genealogy of Adharma (Unrighteousness); Genesis of the animals, etc. Previous history of Jarasandha, and others; Origin of Drona, Kripa, Dhritarashtra, Yudhishthira, etc. History of Draupadi, Kunti, and Madri; Story of Dushyanta; He sees Sakuntala and Birth of Sakuntala; Espousal by Dushyanta of Sakuntala; Sakuntala gives birth to a son; She goes to her husband’s home; No recognition of her by Dushyanta; Her disappearance and the aerial voice; Dushyanta of Bharata in the kingdom; Account of the race of Prajapati; Story of Pururava; Story of Nahusha; Story of Yayati; Destruction of Kacha by the Danavas; Shukra brings back Kacha into life; He is killed and revived a second time; curse on wine by Shukra; Sarmishtha throws Devayani into a well; Her rescue therefrom by Yayati; Sarmishtha becomes the maid¬servant of Devayani; Yayati again sees Devayani; Yayati’s marriage with Devayani; Yayati marries Sarmishtha in secret; Sarmishtha gives birth to three sons; Devayani sees Sarmishtha’s sons, and becomes jealous; Yayati is cursed by Shukra; Puru takes upon himself the decrepitude of his father; Yayati takes back his decrepitude, and installs Puru on the throne descendants of the cursed Yadu and others; Ascension of Yayati to heaven and his fall therefrom; Yayati sees Astaka and others; He re-ascendes to heaven; short history of the Paurava race; Story of Mahabhisha; Story of Pratipa: Birth of Shantanu; installation of Bhishma as the reir- apparent; Shantanu sees Satyavati and is enamoured of her; Devavrata asks of Desaraja his daughter on behalf of his father, Devavrata receives the appellation of Bhishma; Shantanu begets offspring on Satyavati and goes to heaven; Vichitravirya obtains the kingdom; Bhishma carries away the daughters of the king of Kashi from their Svayamvara; Bhishma’s encounter with the invited monarchs; Death of Vichitravirya; Conversation between Bhishma and Satyavati; Story of Jamadagni; Story of Dirghatamas; Satyavati relates to Bhishma the birth of Vyasa; Origin of Dhritarashtra and others; History of Gandhari; History of Pritha, Origin of Kama; Svayamvara of Kunti; Marriage of Pandu and Madri; Pandu’s retreat into the forest; Marriage of Vidura; Gandhari brings forth a hundred sons; The names of the hundred sons; Jayadratha marries Dushala; How Pandu shoot a Brahmana in the shape of a deer; The curse of Pandu and his lamentations; His retirement into the woods with his wives;
Pandu enjoins upon Kunti to beget offspring by others; The Story of Vyushitasva; Origin of the institution of marriage; Birth of Yudhishthira and the rest; Death of Pandu; Madri sacrifices herself on the funeral pyre of Pandu; Yudhishthira and his brothers come to Hastinapur; funeral obsequies of Pandu; Sports of the Kurus and Pandus; Bhima’s going to and return from the Nagas. Origin of Kripa and Kripi; History of Drona; Drona becomes the preceptor of the Kurus and the Pandus; The princes begin to learn the use of arms; Arjuna’s exceptional proficiency; Story of Ekalavya; Drona tries his pupils; Arjuna obtains the weapon called Brahmasira; Trial of the princes; Duryodhana installs Kama on the throne of Anga; Invasion of Panchala by the Kauravas; Arjuna takes Drupada captive and delivers him into the hands of his preceptor; installation of Yudhishthira as the heir- apparent; Counsels of Kanika the politician.

Jatugriha Parva 418-438
Intrigues of Duryodhana and Shakuni The exile of the Pandavas to Varanavata. Duryodhana takes counsel with Purochana Vidura’s speech to Yudhishthira; The arrival of the Pandavas at Varanavata; Burning of the house of lac; Fight of the Pandavas to the forest.-

Hidimba-vadha Parva 439-451
Hidimba is inspired with desire on seeing Bhima. Bhima encounters Hidimba and slays him; Bhima goes to kill Hidimba and is dissuaded by Yudhishthira; Hidimba takes Bhima with her; Birth of Ghatotkach.-218

Baka-vadha Parva 451-466
The Pandavas dwell in Ekachakra; Days of the Pandavas at Ekachakra; Bhima and Kunti hear the wail of the Brahmana and his wife; Speech of the Brahmana; Speeches of his wife and daughter; Conversation of Kunti with the Brahmana. Bhima’s vow to slay the Rakshasa Baka; Bhima goes to Baka with his food; He fights with and slays to Baka with his food; He fights with and slays Baka; Return of Bhima dragging the body of Baka to the town-gate; Concourse of the citizens in the morning to see the body of the Rakshasa; Arrival of the Brahmanas of the town at the house where the Pandavas dwelt; Story of Bharadvaja; Drupada celebrates a sacrifice to obtain a son; A son arises from the sacrificial fire; Origin of Draupadi; Dhrishtadyumna learns the use of arms.

Chaitraratha Parva 466-511
The Pandavas set out for Panchala; Their meeting with Vyasa; On the way they meet with the Gandharva Angarapama on the banks of the Ganges; Fight with the Gandharva; The Gandharva’s defeat; The Gandharva exchanges gifts with Arjuna; Story of Tapati; king Samvarana sees Tapati; Disappearance and reappearance of Tapati; Tapati relates her history and again disappears; Marriage of Samvarana and Tapati; Story of Vasishtha; Story of Vishvamitra; Vishvamitra attempts to carry away by force Vasishth’s cow named Nandini; Vishvamitra’s discomfiture at the hands of the mlechchha host sprung from different parts of cow’s body; His ascetic austerities: Sakti curses king Kalmashapada to be possessed with a Rakshasa; A certain Brahmana asks the king for meat: The king gives him human flesh to eat; The king is cursed by the Brahmans; The Rakshasa- possessed king devours Vashistha’s sons; The Rishi resolves to kill himself; Speech of Adrishtanti; Vashistha with his daughters-in- law sees Kalmashapada; Kalmashapada is freed from the curse; Birth of Parasara; His intention of destroying all the worlds; Story of Kartavirya; The persecution of the Bhrigu race; History of Aurva; Origin of the Vadava fire; Parasara celebrates the Rakshasa sacrifice; Paulastya and others stop it; Vashistha begets a son upon king Kalmashapada’s wife; The Pandavas take leave of Angarapama; They appoint Dhaumya as their priest.

Svayamvara Parva 511-532
The Pandavas see Vyasa on their way to Panchala; Arriving at Panchala they dwell in the house of a potter; Description of Draupadi’s Svaymvara; Enumeration of the princes that came to the Svayamvara; Krishana recognises the disguised Pandavas; The discomfiture of the kings in stringing the bow; Kama is declared ineligible to bend the bow; The kings desist from stringing the bow; Arjuna goes towards the bow; The Brahmanas dissuade him; Arjuna strings the bow and hits the mark; The Path of the invited kings; The kings attempt to slay Drupada; Arjuna and Bhima prepare for fight. Krishna’s recognition; Arjuna fights with Kama and defeats him; Bhima fights with Salya and overthrows him; The kings run wonder at this; Krishna induces the monarchs to abandon the fight; Arjuna and Bhima depart with Draupadi; Kunti’s anxiety; Conversation of Kunti with Yudhishthira; Yudhishthira asks Arjuna to marry Draupadi; Rama and Krishna visit the Pandavas; Dhrishtadyumna comes secretly to the abode of the potter They take their meals.

Vaivahika Parva 532-550
Dhrishtadyumna having heard the talk of the Pandavas informs Drupada of it on his return; Drupada sends a priest to the Pandavas; Speech of Yudhishthira; Arrival of Drupada’s messenger there; The Pandavas go to the house of Drupada; Drupada interrogates the Pandavas with the view of ascertaining their identity; Drupada’s joy at Yudhishthira’s reply; His vow to restore the Pandavas; Drupada expresses his intention of marrying his daughter to Arjuna; Drupada’s conversation with Yudhishthira; Arrival of Vyasa; Story of Jatila; Kunti’s expression of opinion; speech of Vyasa thereon; Account of the sacrifice of the gods at the Naimisha forest; The gods see a golden lotus; Indra sees a female and interrogates her; He sees a young man at play with a young lady; Indra and the young man interchange question and answers; Indra sees the former Indras; Vyasa’s speech; Account of the origin of Balarama and Keshava from a couple of Narayana’s hairs; Prior history of the Pandavas and Draupadi; Gifted with divine vision Drupada sees the Pandavas in their native forms; Former history of Draupadi; Speech of Vyasa to Drupada; Preparations for the nuptials; The celestial assembly; Consecutive marriages of the five; Kunti blesses Draupadi; Krishna sends dower.

Viduragamana-gamana Parva
Duryodhana hears of the marriage of the Pandavas; Vi dura acquaints Dhritarashtra with it; Conference of Duryodhana and Dhritarashtra; Kama’s speech; Bhisma’s speech; Drona’s speech; Kama’s reply, speech of Vidura; speech of Dhritarasthtra; Vidura’s departure for Panchala; He sees the Pandavas; Speech of Vidura to Drupada. Drupada’s reply, Speech of Vasudeva; Return of the Pandavas to Hastinapur with the consent of Krishna; Speech of the citizen on seeing the Pandavas; The Pandavas take half of the kingdom and enter Khandavaprastha; The building of the city- its description; Krishna and Balarama returns to Dwarka;

Rajyalambha Parva 550-580
Arrival of Narada at the house of the Pandavas; Story of Sunda and Upasunda; The Pandavas bind themselves with a rule in respect of Draupadi.

Arjunavanavasa Parva. 580-590
The lives of the Pandavas at Khandavaprastha; Arjuna violates the rule for rescuing the kine of a Brahmana; Arjuna’s voluntary exile; Marriage of Arjuna with Ulupi; Arjuna obtains Chitrangada; He rescues some Apsaras from a curse at the Panchatirtha; Arjuna sees Krishna at Pravasa and go to the Raivataka mountain for pleasure; Arjuna goes to Dwarka with Krishna; and puts up at the house of the latter.

Subhadraharana Parva 590-594
The festival called Vrishnandhaka on the Raivataka mountain; Arjuna sees Subhadra there; He forcibly carries away Subhadra; The Vrishins prepare to fight with Arjuna and finally desist.

Haranaharana Parva 594-600
Arjuna returns with Subhadra to Khandavaprastha. Draupadi’s speech to Arjuna, Krishna and Balarama and others come to Khandavaprastha with dowers; The festivities at Indraprastha on the arrival of the Vrishnis and Andhakas; Birth, of Abhimanyu etc; The five son of Draupadi.

Khandava-daha Parva 600-632
The administration of Yudhishthira; Krishna and Arjuna goes to sport in the woods; Sports of the females; Arrival of Agni in the guise of a Brahmana; His suit with Krishna and Arjuna; Anecdote of Swetaki; Varuna furnishes Krishna and Arjuna with cars, the discus, and the bow Gandiva; Escape of Asvasena from the burning Khandava. Fight of Indra and Arjuna with the celestials; Conflagration of Khandava; Fight of the Asura Maya; Approach of Agni towards Maya to consume him; Arjuna protects Maya; Story of the Rishi Mandapala; Austerities of Mandapala and his speech. He assumes the form of a bird; His hymn to Agni. Bestowal of a boon on him by Agni; History of his four sons; Grant of boons by Indra to Arjuna and Krishna.


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