Don’t gossip

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“Don’t gossip. Gossip benefits no one. Understand carefully what is good for you. And don’t blaspheme. The Mahajanas have said that blasphemers never achieve anything good. Let the materialists engage in whatever activities they choose _we need not bother about them. But think about yourself. We often say that while others are bad, we are worse. It is imperative that we keep our sinful minds engaged constantly in worshipping the Lord. To spend time attacking others, trying to dissuade them from this or that, is not the preacher’s course but the act of a cheater. We have become busy in various activities and have forgotten our original constitutional duty. Make a sincere endeavour to clean out the filth accumulated in your heart. Although this appears to be self_interest, it is essential and should be done immediately, because preaching without following has no value. Unless one constantly engages in Hari bhajana, it will be impossible for him to induce others to worship Hari.”

Srila #Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Thakur.



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