Doka Dauji (Balarama Sthali)

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Doka Dauji (Balarama Sthali)

This small temple is on top of Govardhana Hill. The black Deity of Balarama in this temple is in a crouching position. The story of this Deity is that there was once a rasa-lila dance being done near Govardhana Hill. Balarama, who was on top of Go¬vardhana Hill in a crouching position, became so absorbed in watching the rasa dance that he took on a blackish color like Krishna.

At the foot of Govardhana, on the left of the small path that leads to the Balarama temple is the impression of Balarama’s crown. It is on a rock, about 10m (30 ft) from the parikrama path.

Getting there
After leaving Govinda Kunda, if you walk on the dirt path which is right next to the hill for about five minutes, you will see this temple on top of the hill.



#Doka Dauji (Balarama Sthali)


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