Devala, Brother of Dhaumya

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Devala was a sage and a very erudite scholar in the Vedas. He was the elder brother of Dhaumya Maharsi (Better known as Ayodha Dhaumya), and was present at the sarpa-satra (serpent yajna) of King Janamejaya, being an expert in sarpavidya, the science of snakes. Those who remember Devala will be free from fear of snakes.

Once, after the great war was over, Sri Krishna was on His way from Dvaraka to Hastinapura and he met Devala, who was visiting Yudhistira.

Devala had a daughter called Suvarcala. During a Svayamvara, she chose Svetaketu as her husband.
(Maha-bharata, Santi Parva)

Devala had two very intelligent and forbearing sons.
(Visnu Purana, Part 1, Chapter 15).

Devala became a disciple of Jaigisavya, who once visited his hermitage and exhibited his extraordinary powers.

He is one of the sages through whom the Mahābhārata was spread among the people.


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