Departure of the Jaladuta -2

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The observance, according to the Vaisnava calendar, of the days of Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental journey aboard the Jaladuta.

Saturday, August 14, 1965


“The ship started at about 11 o’clock in the morning majestically. I do not feel any jerking whatsoever. But on reaching the Bay of Bengal, there is tilting of the ship and little rolling also. The roughness increased gradually on the upper Bay of Bengal and I felt sea sickness. There was vomiting tendency and dizziness and I felt uncomfortable the whole day and night. The sea was foamy all through. It appeared like a big plate of water extending to 40 square miles but factually it was endless so, today. It is a vivid example of God’s Maya because it appears like something but factually it is something else.”

Sunday, August 15,1965

“In the morning I woke up and felt a little better but I felt no hunger. Took only a glass of lemon sikanjie [lemon drink/nimbu pani] but the head dizziness is continuing. Up to 10/30 I was in the captain’s room, radio room, chatting with the officers. In the radio room they were despatching news to other ships. The captain’s room is full with nautical paraphernalia. I saw a chart of different appearancial photo of the sea. The grades are 0 to 10 degrees and I think we are passing on the sea between 4 to 7 points the scene of the 10th point was furious and the 12th serious. The captain advised me to take more solid food.”

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Departure of the Jaladuta



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