Dana Ghati

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Dan Ghati means “the place where taxes were collected.” Dan Ghati is a pass to cross to the other side of Govardhana Hill. This place is on top of Govardhana Hill, where the Mathura Road crosses Govardhana Hill. The shape of Govardhana Hill is like a peacock. This place is said to be the narrow stretch of the peacock’s neck.

Dana Ghati

The gapis would pass through here with their stock of milk, butter, cheese and yogurt on their way to the other side of Go¬vardhana Hill. One time, the gopis were crossing Govardhana Hill with their stock of milk products to bring them to a big yajna (sacrifice) that was being conducted at Govinda Kunda. Krishna, along with the cowherd boys such as Sridama, Madhumangala and Sudama came and blocked the pass. Krishna and his friends told the gopis that they had to pay a tax. The gopis, such as Lalita and Visakha challenged Krishna. They said, who are you to charge us tax. Krishna told them that this place belongs to me, because I am the King of Braja. The gopis tried to get through without paying the tax, but eventually they were forced to give a little of all the items they had. Srila Rupa Go¬svami describes this pastime in detail in his book, Dana Keli Kaumudi.

The Dani Raya Temple is on top of Govardhana Hill. At the present time there is no worship in this temple. It is said that Vajranabha built a temple here because of the tax pastimes that took place here. After you leave the town of Govardhana, after a few minutes, you will see this temple on top of Govardhana Hill.


Getting there
This is the road in the town of Govardhana that the Laksmi Narayana temple is on. This road goes over Govardhana Hill. You are on this road when you make the turnoff to leave the town of Govardhana.



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