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Carana pahadi in Nanda Grama


This place is located one mile north of Choti-baithana. It is called Carana-pahadi because one can find Sri Krishna and Baladeva’s footprints (carana cihna) here, as well as imprints made by cows and gopas.


Once, while herding the cows, Krishna reached this place with His entourage of sakhas. The cows were grazing some distance from where He stood, and the sakhas were also some distance away. In a playful mood, Krishna stood under a tree on top of Carana-pahadi in His charming threefold-bending form. He played such a melody on His flute that the entire hill melted upon hearing the sound. What to speak of the cowherd boys and cows, even the deer, does and other animals and birds were allured. They quickly made their way to Krishna, leaving imprints across the melted stones. The imprints of gopas, deer, camels and so forth are still here. These imprints all point in one direction only, because when Krishna stopped playing His flute, the stones regained their natural state, which meant the gopas and animals left no impressions behind when they went their different ways.


Bhakti-ratnakara affirms:

sri-krishnera pada-padma-cihna e rahila

ei hetu carana pahadi nama haila

“This place is named Carana-pahadi because Sri Krishna’s foot- prints are on top of the mountain.”

The word carana means “foot”, and pahadi means “mountain”. Nearby is Carana-ganga, where Krishna washed His feet.




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