Brahma Samhita 9

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Śrī brahma-saṁhitā 5.9

liṅga-yony-ātmikā jātā
imā māheśvarī-prajāḥ


liṅga — of the mundane masculine generative organs; yoni — and of the mundane feminine generative organs; ātmikāḥ — as the embodiment; jātāḥ — born; imāḥ — these; māheśvarī — of the consort of the great lord of this mundane world; prajāḥ — the offspring.


All offspring of the consort of the great lord [Maheśvara] of this mundane world are of the nature of the embodiment of the mundane masculine and feminine generative organs.


The full quadrantal extension of the Supreme Lord, is His majesty. Of this the triquadrantal extensions of unlamenting, nonperishing and nonapprehending situations constitute the majesties of the realms of Vaikuṇṭha and Goloka, etc. In this temporal realm of Māyā devas and men, etc.-all these together with all mundane worlds-are the great majesties of the limited potency. All these entities are embodiments of the masculine and feminine organs of generation by the distinction of efficient and material causal principles; or, in other words, they are produced by the process of sexual intercourse between the male and female organs of generation. All the information that has been accumulated by the agency of the sciences of this world, possesses this nature of sexual co-union. Trees, plants and even all insentient entities are embodiments of the co-union of male and female. The feature that is of special significance is that although such expressions as “the generative organs of male and female” are indecorous yet in scientific literature these words, expressing the above-mentioned principles, are exceedingly wholesome and productive of abiding value. Indecorum is merely an entity pertaining to the external custom of society. But science, and specially the highest science, cannot destroy the true entity by deference to social custom. Wherefore, in order to demonstrate the seed of mundane sex desire, the basic principle of this phenomenal world, the use of those identical words is indispensable. By the use of all these words only the masculine energy or the predominating active potency. and female energy or the predominated active potency. are to be understood.

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