Books and Trucking

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Books and Trucking




Jun 10, 2016 — UK (SUN) — A big thank you to Mahavidya prabhu for giving me 40 hard cover Macmillan Bhagavad-gitas. (Non BBT, just in case I’m asked which version.)


As I drive trucks for a living and travel extensively across the UK delivering plants and seedlings, I get to meet a variety of people. And seeing that I carry a supply of these Gitas with me, it gives me the opportunity to distribute Srila Prabhupada’s Gita As It Is to some of these people I meet.


I am still surprised at the fact that a lot of these people I meet have never even heard of the Hare Krishna movement or Srila Prabhupada, so this gives me the chance to introduce them to the book.


Seeing that they have already been paid for I sometimes leave them in places where they can be easily found, like “time bombs”, as Srila Prabhupada once said.


I have never been a book distributor and doubt I ever will be, but it doesn’t matter what job one is in. There is always a way to pass out the mercy of Prabhupada, whether it’s by talking to the person and giving them a book or secretly placing them in the plants, ready for someone to find.


An incident took place two weeks ago as I was filling diesel at a gas station, miles away from anywhere. As I was picking out a couple of drums of Ad Blue (a fuel additive for diesel engines) for my truck, I noticed a book protruding from in-between the drums. As I picked it out I was shocked to see it was a Beyond Birth And Death. I then placed the book in my delivery note folder and continued on my journey, all the while thinking it was Krishna’s arrangement that I was the one to find this book.


As the day continued into the late afternoon I made a delivery to a garden centre and was attended to by a young man, who noticed the book in my folder. He asked me what book it was so I told him, it’s about re incarnation and karma, and I had just finished reading it. So he asked me if he could borrow it.


I see book distribution as a mystical thing and you never know who is the next candidate for Prabhupada’s books.


Matt continues to read the book.



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