Yavata, the town of Srimati Radharani and the Manjari

  Yavata (also known as Javat, Jao or Yao) is the town of Radharani and the Manjari   Yavata is the birthplace of the eight principle manjaris. Yavata‚ or Yava-grama, lies approximately two miles east of Nandagaon, and is one of the places where the Divine Couple Sri Radha-Krishna perform highly confidential … Read More

If you have limited knowledge and realization, how can you be sure 100% that Krishna is God?

Question Dear Guru Maharaj Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to You and SP. Thank you very much for answering my last two emails I thought your answers were wonderful I learned some things from them I had a question about what you said at the end of the last email … Read More

Errores en la traducción al español de los artículos

Noté que hay errores en las traducciones de los artículos. Por ejemplo, una traduccion de algun dias atrás leí “Guru Tattva es el tema más importante”. En realidad yo había escrito “most important”, que significa “muy importante”. Si quisiera decir “lo más importante” tendría que decir “the most important”. Como vee el … Read More

I want to control my lusty desires

Answer to a private email   Pleasure is part of a living being’s nature. Not only in a human body, any soul is attracted to pleasure. It is an essential part of our consitutional identity as a jiva, spirit soul. Just like we need to breath, we need happiness, we can’t not … Read More

Do you see Krishna face to face?

Question Dear Guru Maharaj, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to You and SP. I apologize if I already asked you this question. I wanted to know if you have ever seen Krishna face-to-face. also I wanted to know if you have ever just seen Krishna maybe not face-to-face but but … Read More

Puedo servir Deidades de Siva, Laksmi y Ganesa

Extracto de un correo electrónico privado Srila Rupa Gosvami nos dice que hay 64 tipos de servicio devocional que deben prestarse y el servicio a la Deidad (Srimurti-seva) está en el undécimo lugar. Es particularmente importante porque nos ayuda a ver a Krishna como una Persona. La idea de que te guste … Read More

The qualities of a bonafide spiritual master

Question Maharaja dandavas all glories to Srila Prabhupada. Can you recommend me some readings and verses about characteristics of a bonafide guru? Here in Cancun there are so many cheaters and I would like to give a public class about it .. many people are looking for spirituality but fall with the … Read More

Jumping to Raganuga

  Question The following is a quote from Thakura Bhaktivinoda: “When a devotee following the path of vaidhi-bhakti abandons his various material desires and executes bhajana according to the instructions of the scriptures, the spiritual master and the Vaisnavas, then taste (ruci), manifests in his bhajana. When ruci thus appears, he abandons … Read More

On knowledge

  Question Hare Krishna Maharaja. Regarding the following text of Prakrita Rasa Sata Dusini. So.. Is not it enough just to serve without having complete knowledge? Could you be so kind to dig a little deeper? Also … when I asked if it is possible to return to Krsna without having completed … Read More

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