Should we pay for learning Krishna consciousness?

Question Maharaja sorry but I was not clear. Finally. What is the conclusion? Is it good that they charge or not? Because all bhaktivedanta schools have tuition fees. Same Bhakti sastri and … Read More

Guru Tattva, some points

What is diksa (initiation)? Srila Jiva Gosvami explains diksa in his Bhakti-sandarbha (283): divyaṁ jñānaṁ yato dadyāt kuryāt pāpasya saṅkṣayam tasmāt dīkṣeti sā proktā deśikais tattva-kovidaiḥ “Dīkṣā is the process by which … Read More

Can we know if it is true or false?

Question 1) – reading the book of His Grace Ravidra Svarupa “founder Acarya” on pages 36-39 I read that Srila Prabhupada could have been killed by envious godbrothers and immature Disciples! …. … Read More

Advaita Vata (Vrindavana)

  As a young boy Advaita Acharya became a great scholar of all the Vedic literatures and came to the conclusion of pure Bhakti. When He was still young His mother and … Read More

Heart and mind: poetry or philosophy?

The answer depends on the meaning you attach to the words “heart” and “mind”. Also would be interesting to understand how Maya works. First of all we should not make the error … Read More

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