Bahubharyatva (Polygamy)

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Bahubharyatva. (Polygamy).

Polygamy was a custom in vogue in ancient India. It was not prohibited for a man to have more than one wife. It was customary to give dowry also.

It is said in the Rigveda, Mandala 10, Anuvaka 3, Sukta 11 that the bride should proceed to the house of the husband, after the marriage.

A mantra meant for keeping down one’s co-wife, is seen in the Rgveda, Mandala 10, Anuvaka 11, Sukta 17. It is a prayer to destroy the love of husband for a co-wife and to direct that love towards oneself. The deity of this spell is Indrani the wife of Indra who was a polygamist.

In those days marriage was an essential duty. Widow marriage was not forbidden.




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