Bahu 1

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#Bahu 1

A king of the Surya-vamsa (solar dynasty). He was the father of Sagara. He is known by the name Subahu also. This king was once defeated in a battle and being weary and sad he entered the hermitage of Aurva. His queen was given poison by another wife of the King. But the child in her womb did not die. The queen wanted to jump into the fire in which the body of her husband was to be burned. But Aurva told her that her son would become a famous king and that she should not commit suicide. Thus she desisted from committing suicide. A son was born to her. As she had been poisoned when the child was in her womb the son was given the name Sagara (with poison). It is said in Mahabharata, Adi Parva that this prince became a famous king later.

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