Avyaya, meaning

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अव्यय adj. avyaya not spending
अव्यय adj. avyaya imperishable
अव्यय adj. avyaya parsimonious
अव्यय adj. avyaya made of sheep’s skin
अव्यय adj. avyaya belonging to or consisting of sheep
अव्यय adj. avyaya not liable to change
अव्यय adj. avyaya undecaying
अव्यय m. avyaya non-spending
अव्यय m. avyaya parsimony
अव्यय n. avyaya indeclinable word
अव्यय n. avyaya indeclinable
अव्यय n. avyaya particle
अव्यय n. avyaya member or corporeal part of an organized body
अव्यायाम m. avyAyAma non-exertion
अव्यायाम m. avyAyAma want of bodily exercise
आव्ययते verb Avyayate { Avye } cover or hide one’s self
आव्ययते verb Avyayate { Avye } take refuge
आव्ययति verb Avyayati { Avye } take refuge
आव्ययति verb Avyayati { Avye } cover or hide one’s self
अव्ययत्व n. avyayatva imperishableness
अव्ययत्व n. avyayatva state of an indeclinable word
अव्ययवत् adj. avyayavat consisting of an indeclinable word
अव्ययात्मन् adj. avyayAtman imperishable


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