Apsara Kunda (Govardhana)


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This kunda was created when the seven main apsaras came and bathed Lord Krsna. It is stated in the Visnu Dharmottara that twenty four avataras (incarnations of God) eternally enjoy pastimes on the banks of this kund, namely:
1. Matsya,
2. Kurma,
3. Varaha,
4. Vamana,
5. Hari,
6. Buddha,
7. Pritu,
8. Prahlada,
9. Nrsimhadeva,
10. Vyasadeva,
11. Bhrigu,
12. Dhanvantari,
13. Parasurama,
14. Rama,
15. Kapila,
16. Dattatreya,
17. Dhruva,
18. Narada,
19. Hamsa,
20. Rsabhadeva,
21. Hayagriva.

These twenty-four personalities are enjoying inconceivable pastimes.
(Three are missing)
Lord Krsna for the pleasure of His eternal associates from time to time manifests one or the other of His expansions.

On one occasion to bewilder His girlfriends (gopis), he manifested a twelve arms form and His close friend Subala took the form of Garuda (Lord Vishnu’s giant eagle-carrier).
On another occasion Krsna took the form of Varaha (the boar-incarnation) and started to dig up the earth.
And on yet another occasion while playing with His friends, Krsna took on the form and mood of Lord Ramachandra and His cowherd boyfriends adopted the mood and form of the monkey and bears, who assisted Lord Ramachandra in constructing a bridge across the ocean. This is not at all surprising as Lord Krsna is the fountainhead of all incarnations.
Also when Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu displayed His pastimes for all to see in Navadvipa, He would also display the mood of His various incarnations in the company of His associates.

At this place Krsna is enjoying with His most intimate friends in the mood of His various incarnations. It is stated in Srimad Bhagavatam (1.3.26). Although it is very difficult to understand the mysteries of Krsna’s incarnations, it one comes and takes bath here in Apsara kunda, he will very easily solve the mystery. It is further stated in the Varaha Purana that one who bathes in the water of Apsara kund will immediately attain the benefit on gets from performing hundreds of rajasuya-sacrifices and aswamedha-sacrifices.

The mantra to be chanted while taking bath in Apsara kunda is;
apsara abela yodbhuta
krsna indra snapano udbhava
kalyana rupine tubhyam
tirtha deva namo stu te
(Shackre Yamala)


Apsara Kunda
This kunda was first formed when Krishna was bathed here by the 7 main apsaras.
When the demigods came to bath Lord Krisna, 108 kundas were created by the water from His abhisek.

Radha and Krishna perform Their spring rasa dance in this area.

Once They were rasa dancing, and They got into such ecstasy that Their bodies melted.
Krishna’s body melted and became Punchari Kunda. It is also named Navala Kunda because He is ever fresh (naval). The Gopis also melted and entered Apsara Kunda.
Eternally youthful Nandanandana is right next to Her in the form of Navala Kunda.

On the bank of Apsara Kund there is Apsara Bihari Temple, Dauji Temple and small Apsara Isvara (Siva-linga) shrine.

It is said that twenty-four main incarnations of Lord Visnu eternally perform their pastimes on the bank of this kunda.
Krishna used to come here and for the pleasure of His boyfriends He manifested some of these forms and enjoy His pastimes.

Once He manifested twelve-armed Visnu form in front of the gopis and Subal took form of Garuda.
On another occasion He became Varaha and started to dig the Earth.
Than He became Ramacandra and cowherd boy became monkeys.

Another version
Apsara Kunda is at the tail end of Govardhana.
It is said to have been created when the seven main Apsaras came and bathed Lord Krishna. The beautiful ladies of the heavenly planets are known as Apsaras.

This pastime is said to have happened when Indra bathed Krishna.

In the Varaha Purana it is said that if you bathe in this kunda you get the benefit of performing hundreds of rajasuya and asvamedha sacrifices.

The beautiful forest near Apsara Kunda is called Apsara Vana.

On the bank of Apsara Kunda is the Apsara Bihari Temple. To the left of this temple is the Dauji (Balarama) temple. There is also a small Siva temple next to this kunda, with a Siva-linga in it called Apsara Isvara.
Next to this is the forest called Apsara Vana

Apsara-kunda and Navala-kunda
Apsara-kunda and Navala-kunda lie near each other.
Srimati Radhika is likened to the most beautiful apsara, a damsel from the heavenly planets.
Apsara Kunda received its name after Her, and the eternally youthful (navala) Nanda-nandana Sri Krishna is present here as Navala-kunda.
Nearby is a place of rasa.

Previously this was a delightful and enchanting grove of thousands of kadamba and tamala trees. Today hardly any of these trees remain.
The Divine Couple Sri Radha-Krishna melted in prema while performing the rasa dance here.
Apsara-kunda and Navala-kunda are Their melted forms. Fortunate sadhakas obtain darsana of these ponds.

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