Anukara, imitation, is a mere burlesque

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“Do not imitate the kirtana-kari (one who does kirtana) Anukara, imitation, is a mere burlesque. By arraying oneself in the trappings of a devotee like a harlequin one may deceive people, but one does no good either to oneself or to others. It is those who follow the kirtana-kari that are really their own benefactors or properly alive to self-interest. They are also benefactors of others and mindful of others’ interests. They are not blinded by considerations of undue personal advantages, nor do they cheat others. They are therefore truly disinterested. It is by kirtana alone that the claims of self-interest, the interests of others, and disinterestedness are simultaneously satisfied.”

H.D.G. #Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada.
Journal “The Harmonist”
June 1927




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