Agastya Rewards Rama

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The three decided to visit Agastya, one of the most powerful sage in history.

When they saw him, they understood how he had been able to accomplish so many prodigious deeds. They admired him sitting in the yoga position known as the lotus, covered with ash, and shining with intense spiritual energy. After offering him the obeisances of duty, Rama wanted to entertain himself by talking to him, enjoying his company and assimilating his deep spiritual consciousness.

At the end of the visit, Agastya gave him various celestial weapons and initiated him into their use.

They had been traveling for too long, so Rama thought it would be convenient to stop in that place as beautiful as Citrakuta. Sita was tired too and needed to rest. He thought about asking Agastya for advice.

“I’m thinking of stopping somewhere,” said the prince. “My wife is tired, and a woman is not fit for constant wandering. Where could we find a suitable place to happily spend part of our exile?”

“Not far from here there is a very beautiful place called Pancavati. There, nature is generous and you will be safe from any danger. Yes, go to Pancavati; I’m sure you’ll be fine there. You’ll like it,” the sage stated.


This is a section of the book “The Ramayana”, in English.

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