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Genealogy. Kasyapa, grandson of Brahma and son of Marici married Aditi, daughter of Daksa.
Aditi had twelve sisters: Diti, Kala, Danayus, Danu, Simhika, Krodha, Prtha, Visva, Vinata, Kapila, Muni and Kadru.
(Mahabharata, Adi Parva, Chapter 65, Verse 12).
Devas are sons born to Kasyapa by Aditi and hence they are known as Adityas also. Kasyapa married all the thirteen sisters including Aditi, and all living beings owe their origin to them.

2) Descendants. 33 sons were born to Aditi. 12 of them are called Dvadasadityas, viz. Dhata, Aryama, Mitra, Sakra, Varuna, Amsa, Bhaga, Vivasvan, Pusa, Savita, Tvasta and Visnu.
Amongst the other 21 sons are the 11 Rudras and 8 Vasus.
(See Maha-bharata Adi Parva Chapter 65, Verse 15).

3) Main incidents. 1. How Visnu was born as the son of Aditi. The Mahabharata and the Ramayana refer to a story about the birth of Visnu as th son of Aditi. Visnu entered the womb of Aditi as Vamana (Dwarf). This story was related by the sage Visvamitra to the boys Rama and Laksmana when they were accompanying the sage in the forest. When they entered Siddhasrama Visvamitra pointed to the latter that the Asrama was sacred, because Visnu had stayed there for long as Vamana. The Deva induced Visnu to obstruct the sacrifice (yaga being performed by Emperor Mahabali, son Virocana.
At that time Aditi, the wife of Kasyal was doing penance so that Mahavisnu might be box as her son, and accordingly he entered her womb 1000 years later she gave birth to Visnu, and that child was known as Vamana. (See Vamana; also M.B Vana Parva, Chapter 272, Verse 62, Anusasana Parva Chapter 83, Verses 25 and 26, as also Valmiki Ramayana, Canto 29) .



2. Rebirth of Aditi. Once Kasyapa made all arrange ments to perform a sacrifice (yaga). Having failed to get the suitable cow for it, he stole Varuna’s cow an conducted the yaga. Not only that, Kasyapa refuse to return the cow even after the yaga was ove Varuna in hot anger rushed to Kasyapa’s hermitage Kasyapa was absent, and his wives, Aditi and Surasa did not treat Varuna with due respect. The enrage Varuna cursed them to be born in Gokula. He also complained about the matter to Brahma. Brahma to Kasyapa: “Since you, a learned person, have stole the cow, may you along with your wives be born in Gokula and tend cows”.
Accordingly Kasyapa an his wives, Aditi and Surasa, were born respectively Vasudeva, Devaki and Rohini in Gokula in the 28t Dvapara yuga.
(This story has been told by Vyasa to Raja Janamejaya). (Devibhagavata, Skandha 4).


3. Aditi in prison. Devaki is #Aditi reborn. There was reason for Devaki being imprisoned on the orders Kamsa. When Kasyapa was living in an Asrama with Aditi and Diti he was so much pleased with the services of Aditi that he asked her to beg for ar boon she wished. Accordingly she prayed for a ideal son. The boon was readily granted, and Indra was the son thus born to her. The birth of Indra engendered jealousy in Diti towards Aditi, and sl also demanded a son equal to Indra. Kasyapa oblige Diti also. As Diti advanced in pregnancy and he beauty also increased Aditi got jealous of the former and she called her son Indra and told him that unless something was done in time, Diti would deliver child equal to him (Indra) thus relegating him probably to the place of second Deva.
Thus admonished by his mother the artful Indra approached Diti an told her: “Mother, I have come to serve you”. Diti was greatly pleased. Indra’s services drove Diti to sleep very quickly, and Indra used the opportunit to enter the womb of Diti and cut into 49 pieces the child with his weapon, the Vajra. The child in the womb bean crying on receiving cuts with Vajra when Indra asked it not to cry. (Ma ruda, don’t cry) and so the child got out of Diti’s womb as 49 #Marutas (winds).
Then did Diti wake up and cursed Aditi as follows : “Your son did treacherously kill my offspring in the womb itself. So he will forfeit the three worlds. You were responsible for the murder of my child. You will, therefore, have to spend days in prison grieving over your children. Your children also will be annihilated”.
Because of this curse of Diti, Indra once lost Devaloka and had to live elsewhere, and Nahusa functioned, for a time as Indra. (See Nahusa).
In the 28th Dvapara yuga Aditi transformed as Devaki had to be a captive of Kamsa, and Kamsa killed her children by dashing them on the ground.
(Devibhagavata, Skandha 4).


4. Narakasura stole the earrings of Aditi. Narakasura, who turned out to be a curse and menace to the three worlds consequent on the boon he got from Visnu, attacked Devaloka once, and carried off Indra’s royal umbrella and Aditi’s earrings. Visnu incarnated himself as Sri Krsna, killed Narakasura in battle and got back the earrings etc.
(M.B. Udyoga Parva, Chapter 48, Verse 80; Sabha Parva, Chapter 38, Verse 29; Bhagavata Dasama Skandha).


5. Visnu became seven tunes son to Aditi.
Once, desirous of having children Aditi cooked food (rice) sitting herself in the entrails of Mount Mynaka (Mainaka????
(M.B. Aranya Parva, Chapter 135, Verse 3; . Dharmaputra, in the course of singing the glories of Lord Krsna after the great war refers to Visnu having taken birth seven times in the womb of Aditi.
(M.B. Santi Parva, Chapter 43, Verse 6).


6. Budha cursed Aditi.
A story in the Mahabharata refers to Budha’s once cursing Aditi. The ever increasing power of Asuras made the Devas anxious. Aditi, the mother of the Devas decided to send them all to annihilate the Asuras. She had finished cooking food for her sons, and lo! there appeared before her Budha and asked for food. Aditi asked him to wait pending her sons taking their food hoping that there would be some food lift after that. This caused Budha to lose his temper and he cursed her that (Aditi) she would become the mother of Vivasvan in his second birth as Anda, when she would suffer pain in her abdomen.
(M.13. Santi Parva, Chapter 34, Verses 96-98).


7. Former birth of Aditi.
During the former years (period) of Svayambhuva Manu the Prajapati called Sutapas, along with his wife Prisni did Tapas for 12000 years. Then Mahavisnu appeared before them, and Prsni prayed for a son like Visnu himself, and Visnu was born as her son named Prsnigarbha.
This story is related by Sri Krsna to his mother on his birth as the son of Vasudeva.
(Bhagavata, Dasama Skandha, Chapter 3) .
She, who became the wife of Prajapati as Prsni before Svayambhuva Mann, and was born again as Devaki, the wife of Vasudeva is one and the same person.


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