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Uttanka assented to what fell from the king and sat with his face turned towards the east. He washed his hands and feet thoroughly.
He then without sound thrice sipped water which was free from scum and froth and which was not warm. He took only so much of it as to reach his stomach. He then wiped his face twice. He then touched his eyes, ears etc., with water. Having done all this he again went to the inner-apartment.


This is how an #acamana should be performed.
When you offer acamana (water) to Sri Hari it becomes “prasad” (offered) and one’s hand becomes “prasadi” (touched to prasad); also, when one sips the water the hand becomes “juta” (touched to mouth), so in both cases one’s hand is unfit for a second acamana without washing each time.
The Gaudiya Vaisnava acamana is as follows:
Take the acamana spoon in your left hand, dip purified water, and pour the purified water (few drops) into the right hand, which should be formed palm up with the tip of the thumb touching the first joint of the middle finger.
Then recite,
“Om kesavaya namah!”
followed by sipping the water from the wrist.
Then take more water with the left hand and wash off the right before the next acamana, throwing the water behind you.

Then repeat the operation reciting
Om narayanaya namah

And at the end
Om madhavaya namah

Remember to purify your hand before uttering the next mantra. If you do not do this, your hand will be impure.

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