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It says in the Uddhava Sandesa, by Srila Rupa Goswami, that when one reaches Prema, There are eight types of Darsanas.


The first one is that all the senses become eyes, the touch, the hearing, the voice, the smell, all become the sense of sight. Krishna now appears before you. Reminding you that you have been experiencing the Sattvika Bhavas gradually and steadily from the Nistha stage.


The Sattvika Bhavas are horripulations, changing color, trembling, hair standing on end, being stunned, choked voice,tears in the eyes, etc. They have been encreasing with more occurances and intensity, so your body has been almost at the point of convulsions in ecstatic rapture.


Can you imagine what you will experience when you actually see the goal, the love of your life, the object of your intense meditation, Your Beloveds!?

The ecstacy is simply too much, and you collapse to the point of death. Then our Priyatam gives His Audarya Bhava, His compassion and brings you back to life, (so to speak) and stands you back up to receive the next Darsan.


Next your senses now become the sense of smell and you smell the aroma that the Vrajabasis of Goloka smell, which is the fragrance of a blue lotus flower mixed with musk. Krishna’s body has different smells on different parts of His Beautiful body.


“The fragrance of armpits, eyebrows, hips, and hair defeat the the smell of Parijata and lotus flowers smeared with aguru. His nose, navel, mouth, hands feet and eyes smell of a lotus smeared with camphor. Thus the whole world is inundated by the waves of His nectarean fragrance!”

(Govinda Lilamrta 17.9)


“Sri Radhika’s whole body smells like Kumkum. Her navel, eyebrows, eyes, all smell like that of blue lotus smeared with Musk and Aguru. Her chest, ears, nose, hands and feet smells of lotus smeared with camphor. And her armpits, and Her nails smell like that of the fragrance of Ketaki flower sprinkled with candan”

(Govinda Lilamrta11.117)


Just as with the darsan of the sight, this darsan drops you and you almost leave your body, but again The sweet Enchanter of Vraja gives His Audarya Bhava and He stands you back on your feet to experience the third darsan.


This time all your senses now become’s the sense of hearing. And you hear Krishna’s beautiful deep voice and like the rest, you fall unconscious as you hit the ground. As before, He gets you to your feet with His merciful Audarya bhava and now experience your whole body becoming the sense of touch. According to the rasa you are in, the way Krishna touches you. If you are in Dasya Rasa, then Radha-priya places His lotus foot on top of your head. If you are in Sakhya Rasa, Then He entwines His fingers with yours. If you are in Vatsalya Rasa, He then wipes the tears from your love-filled eyes. And if you have cultivated Madhurya Rasa, then Madhu-pati (Lord of sweetness) embraces you chest to chest.


After He has brought you back to conciousness again with His miraculous Audarya Bhava, you can experience 4 more Darsanas, but only if you are in Madhurya Rasa.


The fifth darsan is that He kisses you and slips His Tambula (or paan) into your mouth. The next Darsan is that He takes you into the bushes for an intimate interlude!


After which you hear His sweet voice again wherein He acknowledges all that you have endured in coming to His lotus feet. Of course this is almost unbearable since whatever austerities and hardships you may gone through now seems totally insignificant.


Then the last and what seems to be the most intolerable, is now He disappears from your sight and as in the song sung by Srila Rupa Goswami, your life is now bereft as you sing,

”He Radhe Vraja Devike ca Lalite He Nanda suno Kutaha?”

O Sri Radhe! O Sri Syama! Where have You gone? Are You on Govadhana Hill? Are you on the banks of the Yamuna? Where are You?

Nikunja me virajo Ghanasyama Radhe Radhe!


I will admit that these last stages have not yet been experienced. I have given the beginning to the final end of our adventure according to the statements in the Sastras. The practical stages have been revealed and is being practiced as we speak. The experiences have brought incredible revelation and the Divine Couple have revealed this booklet in order so that some of you will be inspired to get out of the mud of doubt and despair.


I know that this is only for those who are tired of fighting with senses, the failure future syndrome and maybe some melancholy due to the long arduous haul that we have endured and to fill you with faith and hope. If anyone out there may know the author and his past, you will know clearly that if he can do it, any one can do it. It simply requires a sincere decision and a stick-to-it driving force of determination.


This is a section of the book “For Their Pleasure”.

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