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Narada had only told him a summary of the story, and Valmiki felt the need to know all the details. So, he sat down in the yoga position and immersed himself in deep meditation. And as if by a miracle, he saw the whole story unfold in front of him, true and vivid as if he were witnessing it in person. He began to write it, to compose the Ramayana.

By the time Rama returned to the throne of Ayodhya, Valmiki had completed the writing of the poem, consisting of 24,000 shlokas. After finishing it, he thought about how to communicate it to the whole world.

One day, the two princes Kusha and Lava who lived in the forest came to visit him. They were none other than Rama’s two sons born during Sita’s exile. Valmiki then taught them the Ramayana, asking them to go sing it in the cities of the world.

 The two boys were happy to satisfy the great sage’s desire. The fame of the two youngsters and the story they sang quickly spread everywhere.


This is a section of the book “The Ramayana”, in English.

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