Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.11.13

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ŚB 1.11.13

गोपुरद्वारमार्गेषु कृतकौतुकतोरणाम् ।
चित्रध्वजपताकाग्रैरन्त: प्रतिहतातपाम् ॥ १३ ॥
antaḥ pratihatātapām


gopura — the gateway of the city; dvāra — door; mārgeṣu — on different roads; kṛta — undertaken; kautuka — because of the festival; toraṇām — decorated arch; citra — painted; dhvaja — flags; patākāagraiḥ — by the foremost signs; antaḥ — within; pratihata — checked; ātapām — sunshine.


The city gateway, the household doors and festooned arches along the roads were all nicely decorated with festive signs like plantain trees and mango leaves, all to welcome the Lord. Flags, garlands and painted signs and slogans all combined to shade the sunshine.


Signs of decoration in special festivals were also collected from the gifts of nature, such as the plantain trees, the mango trees, fruits and flowers. Mango trees, coconut palms and plantain trees are still accepted as auspicious signs. The flags mentioned above were all painted with the picture of either Garuḍa or Hanumān, the two great servitors of the Lord. For devotees, such paintings and decorations are still adored, and the servitor of the master is paid more respects for the satisfaction of the Lord.

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