Sakti – Vasistha’s Son

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Shakti – Vasishta’s Son

King Kalmashapada was driving in his chariot along the forest track. Shakti, the eldest son of Vasistha and #Arundhati, encountered the chariot in the forest. Shakti did not move to a side to make way for the chariot. During the journey in those days, if a chariot or any vehicle came against a saint, a cow, a king, a blind man, an old man, a man carrying a load, a pregant woman, or a weak man, the vehicle had to give the right of path to them by moving to a side. That was considered the proper conduct. #Kalmasapada saw Shakti and said, “You, move to a side and make way for the chariot. Don’t you see that I am a king?”

In reply Shakti said, “I am a saint. It is the duty of a king to make way for a saint. Instead of that it is not proper for you to find fault with me.” The king was very vain. He became angry and lashed at Shakti very hard with his whip. Shakti also became angry and cursed, “You rogue, do you whip a saint! Your temperament is that of a Rakshasa. Become a Rakshasa, Demon.”

#Visvamitra who was passing that way at some distance from the scene of this incident saw all this. It pleased him because Vasishta- -was his enemy. He heard Shakti cursing become a Rakshasa (Demon). A little later Vishwamitra met another Rakshasa called Kinkara. He entered into the body of Kalmashapada as per the instructions of Vishwamitra, and the curse came true, The king lost his wisdom and sense of righteousnes. He offended another saint who also cursed him to become a Rakshasa. Kalmashapada came to know of the curses taking effect. As a consequence he became degraded to the position of a Rakshasa in nature. Next day he went to Shakti’s hermitage and said to him, “You! I am reduced to this horrible state because of you. My sense of righteousness is destroyed. You are responsible for it. I will take revenge on you. I shall begin my career as a Rakshasa by first eating you.” He then roared and killed Shakti and ate him up. He also killed Shakti’s brothers.


Sakti was the father of Parasara Muni. His wife was #Adrisyanti



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