Nanda Maharaja supports Krishna

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Yasoda spoke affectionately with the gopis.

Then as a friendly gesture, Rohini applied tilaka to their foreheads and sent them home.


After the departure of the gopis, Yasoda, who is expert in the laws of etiquette, spoke to Krishna,

“My son, because of greed You performed many improper acts in the homes of our friends.

Although in Your own home such behavior is acceptable, in the home of another it is totally unbecoming.

O beautiful one!

These deeds of Yours were not good at all.

From now on just stay here and play.”

After instructing her son Yasoda caressed Him lovingly.

Just then Vrajaraja Nanda arrived and brightened the room with his favorable feelings.


Nanda spoke pleasing words to encourage and pacify his charming son.

“O Vatsa! Come sit on my lap.”

Leaving Yasoda’s lap, Krishna climbed up on Nanda’s lap and wrapped His arm around His father’s neck.

Then Krishna said softly,

“Why is mother chastising Me for nothing?”

Nanda responded,

“What is this all about?”

That fabulous boy of oceanic intelligence replied,

“Mother, now tell truthfully what happened.”

Then mother Yasoda recounted the misdeeds of Krishna by repeating the words uttered by the gopis.

Pointing to Queen Yasoda, Vrajaraja Nanda said,

“My son is faultless. He has not done anything wrong.

I always see Him behaving nicely.

By siding with those who made fun of Him and with those who showed envy toward my jewel-like son, you have wrongly accused my well-behaved son and so you should be punished.”


Concealing his real mood behind these words, Nanda rebuked Yasoda and comforted his son:

“O my darling son, just stay in my lap and do not go to anyone else.”

Though hearing His father’s words, Krishna immediately jumped off his lap just like an unpredictable child, and quickly climbed on Yasoda’s lap.

Seeing this gave both parents a hearty laugh.


This is a section of the book “Vrindavana Lila”.

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