Mandara, the mountain

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A mountain of Puranic fame. The following information is gathered from Maha-bharata regarding this mountain

(1) This mountain rises up to ten thousand yojanas and also goes down to ten thousand yojanas.
(Chapter 18; Sloka 17, Adi Parva).

(2) During the time of the churning of Ksirabdhi (ocean of Milk) the serpent Ananta brought this mountain as per instructions from Mahavisnu. (Sloka 6, Chapter 18, Adi Parva).

(3) It was this mountain that was used as the Mantha (churning stick) when the milk-ocean was churned. (Sloka 13, Chapter 18, Adi Parva).

(4) During the time of churning the Milk-Ocean many inhabitants of Patala and animals in the ocean were killed because of the rubbing of this mountain. (Sloka 26, Chapter 18, Adi Parva).

(5) This mountain resides in the court of Kuvera as Devatma. (Sloka 81, Chapter 10, Sabha Parva).

(6) This mountain is situated near Kailasa. Eightyeight thousand Gandharvas and four times as much of Yaksakinnaras reside on the top of this mountain along with Kubera and a yaksa named Manivara.
(Sloka 5, Chapter 139, Vana Parva).

(7) Once in a dream Arjuna conducted a trip to Kailasa accompanied by Sri Krsna and on his way he halted at this mountain. The mountain then shone with the presence of nymphs and heavenly songsters. (Sloka 33, Chapter 80, Drona Parva).

(8) In destroying the notorious demon trio called Tripuras, Siva used this mountain as a bow. (Sloka 76, C’Iapter 202, Drona Parva).

(9) Once when the Sage Astavakra was conducting a tour of the northern parts he stayed on this mountain for some time. (Sloka 54, Chapter 19, Anusasana Parva).



Hiranyakasipu wanted to become immortal. He wanted not to be conquered by anyone, not to be attacked by old age and disease, and not to be harassed by any opponent. Thus he wanted to become the absolute ruler of the entire universe. With this desire, he entered the valley of #Mandara Mountain and began practicing a severe type of austerity and meditation.

Seeing Hiranyakasipu engaged in this austerity, the demigods returned to their respective homes, but while Hiranyakasipu was thus engaged, a kind of fire began blazing from his head, disturbing the entire universe and its inhabitants, including the birds, beasts and demigods.

When all the higher and lower planets became too hot to live on, the demigods, being disturbed, left their abodes in the higher planets and went to see Lord Brahma, praying to him that he curtail this unnecessary heat.

The demigods disclosed to Lord Brahma Hiranyakasipu’s ambition to become immortal, overcoming his short duration of life, and to be the master of all the planetary systems, even Dhruvaloka.




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