Bana (Banasura)

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A mighty and powerful Asura.

Descended from Visnu in the following order:


2) Getting a boon.
Bana began his reign with the city of Sonitapura as his capital. Then he went to the vicinity of the Himalayas and began to do penance thinking of Siva. Siva made his appearance and asked him what he wanted. He requested that he should be considered as the son of Parvati and that he should be given thousand hands so as to destroy all his enemies. Siva granted him the boon. From that day onwards Parvati considered him as the younger brother of Subrahmanya. He returned to his Kingdom and began to reign.


3) Battle with Sri Krsna and his fall. (See the word Aniruddha).


4) Other information.

(1) In the Puranas #Banasura is often called by the name #Mahakala, which is the name of an attendant of Siva. (Mahabharata , Adi Parva, Chapter 65, Stanza 20) .

(2) Sukracarya (the teacher of the Asuras) always worked for the uplift of Bana. (Mahabharata , Sabha Parva, Chapter 38, Stanza 29) .

3) In the Battle with Sri Krsna, Bana was helped by Siva, Subrahmanya, and the Gods like Agni (fire) and others. (Mahabharata , Sabha Parva, Chapter 38) .

(4) Sri Krsna cut down the thousand hands of Bana with his Cakrayudha (the wheel weapon). (Maha-bharata, Sabha Parva, Chapter 38).

(5) Bana often stood under the cover of the mountain of Kraunca and attacked the devas (gods). So once Subrahmanya had to cut the mountain Kraunca with his arrows. (Mahabharata , Salya Parva, Chapter 446, Stanza 82).



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