When did Parasurama appear?

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Genealogy of Parasurama:

Descending in order from Mahavisnu: Brahma, Bhrgu, Cyavana, Urva, Ricika, Jamadagni


Another version:

Visnu promised Bhumidevi (mother earth) that he would be born on earth as Parasurama when Bhumidevi went to him in the form of a cow and complained to him about the atrocities of the wicked Ksatriya kings.

From the Brahmanda Purana



The Maha-bharata says:
“At the end of Treta and in the beginning of Dvapara Yuga, the greatest of all that ever wielded arms, Parasurama, being impatient of wrongs, repeatedly destroyed all the Ksatriya races of the world.”


Adi Parva, Parva Sangraha Parva, Adhyaya 2, verse 3




This verse establishes the fact that Parasurama came into this world during this Maha Yuga, when Treta Yoga takes place before Dvapara Yuga. Indeed the natural procession would be that Dvapara Yuga is the second and Treta the third. However, the opposite occurs during this Kalpa



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